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I’ve been revising how to make the audio-artwork to go with the exhibition. I initially scripted descriptions in two parts – giving a straight description of the drawings followed by the context of the making of the image and the narrative it tells. Now, with input from Joseph Young I’ve opted for combining the three … [Read more…]

Attorney and Lawsuit Information for DePuy Knee Replacement Failures

DePuy Knee Lawyers Our DePuy knee attorneys have experienced product liability attorneys, with a powerful list of winning cases for families and persons harmed by defective medical instruments and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, including previous DePuy issues suits. For more additional information about the attune knee lawyer, you can check out useful references online. When public safety … [Read more…]

Should We Talk About Death and Dying?

A lot of people fear to speak about dying and death. It is often considered as one of these ‘unmentionables’; nonetheless, not suitable to talk in people, insensitive. And in certain cultures passing is considered simply another phase of life’s journey, something which we move into after our motive for being here in the world … [Read more…]

Why Should You Choose An Architect?

If you’re searching for an educated and skilled practitioner that may take the ideas you’ve got for your property or building and also make them a fact, you have to employ a professional. They know that property development isn’t nearly erecting a building, it’s all about careful planning, designing and overseeing the actual construction of … [Read more…]