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I’ve been revising how to make the audio-artwork to go with the exhibition. I initially scripted descriptions in two parts – giving a straight description of the drawings followed by the context of the making of the image and the narrative it tells. Now, with input from Joseph Young I’ve opted for combining the three … [Read more…]

Team Up With Event Management Company!

Everyone believes that they’re good at arranging things, and coordinating an event is no exception.  It is only when people really confront the problems of organizing an event in this manner that everything runs smoothly without hiccups that the actual challenges become evident. If you are looking for the professional event management company then do … [Read more…]

Is CondoHotel Is Right Choice For You

It’s the most recent rage from the hospitality business, a condo that behaves as a college accommodation individual possesses a condo-tel much like a flat. The hotel rents from the condotel units substantially like a normal hotel, handling guest and reservations services. The hotel subsequently divides the income both with the condo-tel owners. Take advice … [Read more…]

Avoid Wasting Your Time In Job Searching

If you’re in serious need of work, you may not consider occupation hunting a waste of time.  It’s crucial that you get started receiving a continuous paycheck; hence, any effort and work put to a work hunt is period intensive.  That said, tens of thousands of people looking for work create simple but frustrating mistakes. … [Read more…]