Importance Of IP Camera

The most common advantage of an IP camera is the ability to view live video on the internet from any place on earth. This also gives the benefit of tracking a place or land whilst customer is not physically there to watch activity for suspicious behavior. It’s likely to view CCTV cameras across the web … [Read more…]

Tips For Purchase A Electric Fans

Mechanical fans made their initial appearance in the 1500s as canvas covered frames called “punkahs” that were hung from ceilings. To make a cooling effect, there were ropes on the framework that servants pulled, making the fan move back and forth. Belt driven fans that were powered by mill waterwheels were created during the 1800s. … [Read more…]

Know More About Latest Smartphone Technology

The smartphone field goes at a lightning pace, and keeping up isn’t always straightforward. Technology that was fast growing a year ago, such as WVGA screens and eight-megapixel cameras, now becomes obsolete quickly. Here we’ll have a review of what the latest technology trends have been for smartphones concerning both hardware and software. Dual-core processors Dual-core … [Read more…]