Expert Gas Saving Tips You Need to Know

With the recent rise in gasoline and diesel prices has made the most conscientious person think again. Whatever your motivation might be here are expert tips.

o Air conditioning. Using air conditioning always on max can significantly reduce mileage. Instead, try using the a/c on max to cool off the car than switching it to normal. Another good idea is to keep the temperature setting around 68 – 70 degrees F. If you want to know more about Dodge Diesel Performance Parts | Cummins Performance Parts then click right here.

o Tires. Underinflated tires are the number one leading cause of poor fuel mileage and vehicle handling characteristics i.e. rough ride, poor traction. Today’s cars have tire pressure monitors for us, they let the driver know if a tire is under-inflated.

Keeping the tires at proper pressure keeps the engine and transmission from working harder. Always check the tire pressure when the tires are cool as heat will always give you a false reading. Use a known good tire pressure gauge. A cheap gauge is not recommended.

o Alignment. Uneven tires and poorly aligned vehicles will waste gas. How do you know if your alignment is good? Has it checked by a qualified technician? Just because the vehicle goes straight down the road is not good enough.

o Speed. Speeding causes the engine to race at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute), which causes the engine to use more fuel and it is Illegal. Observe the speed limit.

o Weight. The heavier the vehicle is the harder the engine has to struggle to move. Less weight means better fuel mileage. Keep only the essential items in your vehicle